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"The Streets of San Miguel"

The Streets of San Miguel - Small.jpg

"Let's Make the Most" was a song that came out of my growing recognition that cynicism--although a favorite past pastime of mine--is, ultimately, useless. In these times of cultural upheaval and political distrust, we absolutely must come together. . . get to work. . . and make things happen ourselves.

*          *          *

Below is the recording of the title cut, "The Streets of San Miguel," which was one of the very reasons for making this album. It's a song that has made concerts in recent months so fun and full of love... and tequila. And, it didn't hurt that Joel Guzman, who has played for the likes of Paul Simon, Joe Ely, and Rickie Lee Jones completely rocked the accordion on it! Man! Geez! Thanks Joel!

Many thanks to Joel Guzman for bringin' it on the title cut!


Let the thanking begin!

In the order of their appearance on the Kickstarter site:

Brady Peterson

Sam Lanham

John Mansfield

Bob Wood

Hank Jones

Judi Sawyer

Frank Lawrence

Betty Potts

Beth Wood

Drew Travis (...who just upped his pledge! Thanks Drew!)

Milton Brasher-Cunningham

Chick Morgan

Lora Lee McCullough

PW Covington

Rod Picott

Tom Kenny

Nichole Wagner

Barbara Everett

Susan Payne

Lanna Johnson

Tom Wood

Anne McCrady

Janet Ruth

Chris Carroll

Dodee Crockett

Gudrun Brangwen

Joy Newcom


Wayne Maynard

Dennis Abrams

Sarah Bauer

Patrick Marshall

Neill Morgan

Chad Maslowski

Andrew Pastides

Lisa Raley

Julie Brokken

JoAn Mann

Sibyl White

John Paul Richardson

Lavonn Brown

Carol Johnson

Cathy Nathan

Martha K. Grant

John Hoag

Michael Gullickson

Sierra Brown

Bryan DeeB Mitschell

Lisa Hearn

Teresa Carbajal Ravet

Missy Atwood

Wade Barry

Konrad Eek

Robert A. Kraft

Kit Holmes

Kari Darken

Jen Blair

Linda Valentovich

Victoria Matthews

Ben Myers


Julie Chappell

Ashley Brown (Lucky 100!)

Don Dorsey

Justine Crowley

Jason Innaurato

And for those who've chosen remain unnamed. . .

Many, Many THANKS!

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