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The Streets of San Miguel

Somethin’ bout these cobbled streets,

it makes me smile at those I meet

Or maybe it’s the total lack of clocks

in all the bars and coffee shops


But I’ve given us some thought,

more than you prob’ly think I’ve got

And I swear I was sober when

the great big answer came floodin’ in


Why would it take a town like this

for me to finally take the hint?

But I’ve taken it so well…

here on the streets of San Miguel


My heart’s been known to take so long,

when I come to, the moment’s gone

That’s why I hope you’re at your door

when I come knockin’ at Room 4


So I can try to make it clear,

that I’ll be yours if your still here

N’ maybe I lied about bein’ clean,

It’s jus’ there’s so much tequila in Mexico,

     if you know what I mean


But still I can’t believe it’s true,

that even you know that it’s you

So let’s just say it’s where I fell…

where I fell in San Miguel


N’ what I meant was where I fell…

fell for you in San Miguel


By the way, it’s not like I

was drinkin’ all alone last night

So let’s just say it’s where we fell…

where we fell in San Miguel


And what I meant was where we fell…

for each other in San Miguel


Here on the streets of San Miguel

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay

Canta y no llores…

Includin’ You


Got a daughter turned eighteen

Hardly ever darkens my door

Got a mom and dad who just hit 80

Given me so much, I can’t take more


Got a shadowed past that hurts ‘em all

Twenty lost years I can’t get back

Got a lot of ghosts, all with voices

Voices that sound like a heart attack


And it’d be hard to let it all go now

To forget the past and move on through

But I’m gonna have to forgive myself somehow

Or I’ll lose it all… includin’ you


So much love n’ loss between us

I’m not sure where we go from here

We need one good thing to set our eyes on

To give some purpose to these tears


Chorus 1

Chorus 2

And it’ll be hard to let it all go now

When it comes to what I’ve got to do

‘Cause I’m gonna have to forgive myself somehow

Or I’ll lose it all… includin’ you

Princess and the Frog


She couldn’t stand those red dresses

That kings require of their princesses

She dreamed in other colors

The chief concern of her princely brothers


He hated being green

Did his best to be heard but never seen

He hid among the rocks and reeds

Wandered what color a blue-blood really bleeds


‘Cause sometimes the story

Doesn’t fit the fable

The wine gets spilled

All over the royal table

Sometimes the prince

Gets addicted to the grog

And when kissed

The frog just stays a frog


She thought that they could make it

But he… knew he couldn’t fake it

All those parties, royal banquets and balls

His froggy legs would never learn to waltz





O Rapunzel, Rapunzel

You can let down that hair

But even if he climbs up

He might be gone within the year


N’ Snow White, O Snow White

How those dwarves weep

But with all we know of fairytales

It might be better just to sleep

Ain't Gonna Be Me

I hope you find someone to hold you 

Every time that you cry

Or to drive you to the doctor

Next time you’re goin’ to die

‘Cause it won’t be me / It ain’t gonna be me


I hope you find a better actor 

To lead in all your plays

Another villain you can punish 

When he acts out and betrays 

‘Cause it won’t be me / It ain’t gonna be me


It ain’t gonna be me that you blame 

When God’s judgement’s comin’ down

It ain’t gonna be me and my good name 

You smear all over town 

You’ll have to find some other Jesus

To hang up on your cross 

Another tomb where you can lay him 

With all your suffering and loss 

‘Cause it won’t be me / It ain’t gonna be me


I hope you find a better bandage 

To stop the bleeding of your heart 

One that holds all the pieces

When your brain falls apart 

‘Cause it won’t be me / It ain’t gonna be me


I hope you find a better ride

Next time you run away 

And wherever it takes you 

I hope to God you stay 

‘Cause I won’t be there… / & it won’t be me

On the Fault Line

Every time you cry I feel it shake

The earth beneath us begins to quake

It’s about to topple, about to break

So, soon we’ll see how much it can take


This love… that lives

On the fault line for you

My heart… that gives

It’s very blood for you

My love… my heart

On the line


I send it up, it comes back down

I think maybe next I’ll just swing it around

Or I might bury it deep in the ground

To see if it grows back towards light and sound



It still lives, it still breathes

It may be hard to hold and please

But it’s still here, a little black and blue

N’ it may be cracked, but I can finally see through

Petals on the Rose

Up in the blue I can just make out

The vapor trail of a sailing plane

I wipe the sweat from the heat of my brow

It’s been so long since we’ve seen the rain


But across these plains in the western skies

Clouds on the horizon bring hope to our eyes


The leaves are dry in the heart of the drought

They feel a thirst only the lonely heart knows

The thorns are hard and the stems are brown

But I still see petals on the rose


There in your eyes I can just make out

The trace of tears you’ve refused to cry

Still you’re here with a hand held out

And a heart that still seems willing to try


N’ I can’t demand what I don’t deserve

So either you’ve got good blood, or you’ve got some nerve




N’ you don’t seem to care what’s around this curve

So either you’ve got good blood, or Baby you’ve got some nerve

Saint Agnes

There’s some holy in her hell

A little dirt on her wings

But even angels listen

Anytime she sings


She was handed down some darkness

She got it from both sides

But anytime she dances

Even the devil runs n’ hides


And if you listen to her heart

You’ll hear the beat inside my madness

And why I’ve called upon

The help of Saint Agnes

And if you look into her eyes

Your mind will melt with sadness

And you’ll see why I’ve put her

In the hands… of Saint Agnes


So, even if she speaks

Her pain is sworn to silence

And any time she laughs

It’s just an act of defiance


And even when I knock sometimes

And she decides to let me in

There’s a hidden line between us

And that’s the way it’s always been



Sweet Saint Agnes, please watch over

My precious little girl

Oh Saint Agnes do not leave her

All along in this world

Let's Make the Most

So we’ve heard the world’s days are numbered

All we’ve got is borrowed time

So we don’t need one more expert’s dire prediction

Another harbinger goin’ out of his mind


So I’m turnin’ off the evening news forever

I’ve got better… better things to do

And even if it’s true, it’s all now or never

I’ve got this guitar, and I’ve got you


So come my friends, let’s sing a song together

Gather ‘round the fire, raise a great big toast

Come cloud or sun… come any kind of weather

We’ve got today… let’s make the most


I’ve made mistakes, but now they don’t matter

I’m starin’ down a higher road

I’ll do what it takes, ‘cause now I would rather

Let ‘em go… n’ lighten up my load



Serve every day like it’s the last

Forgive my brothers as if there were no past

Serve my friends only the best tequila

Or shake it up in one last margarita… oh yeah…

Long, Long Road

It’s a long drive from Duluth

To that bar in Kansas City

And to tell you the truth

Only parts of it are pretty

From those 10,000 lakes

Through the fields of opportunity

Leaving miles in my wake

N’ about as many cups of coffee


35 South

Goes west in central Kansas

They’re on a seven-year drought

So the weatherman says

I turn the radio dial

To see what else is on

And I can’t help a smile

To hear your favorite Hayes Carll song


And it’s a long, long road back home to you

But there’s nothin’ left now for me to do

I only hope that you’re still there

I only hope that we’re not through


Well these tall-grass plains

Roll south to Oklahoma

Where native blood stains

The Osage Hills around Pawhuska

I’ll pass through my hometown

Where we spent a happy year or two

Before we moved down

To Austin in an early June


And it’s a long, long road beside the setting sun

But there’s nowhere left now for me to run

I only hope that you’re still there

I only hope that we’re not done


And on that final stretch

I’ll think of your soft eyes

And I’ll feel my throat catch

As my hopes begin to rise

Because there’s not much road left ahead of me

So, soon enough now, I will see

See if you’re still there…

Good Luck with That

So you wanna be a poet

But don’t wanna read no books

Or some block-bustin’ novelist

Turns out it’s harder than it looks


So you wanna be a hippie

But you’re drivin’ daddy’s Escalade

You wanna save a burnin’ planet

But could we do it in the shade


Well I’ve heard it all before, my friend

So save it for the judge

N’ good luck with that


So you wanna be a surgeon

But you just can’t take the blood

You wanna save the ill and desperate

‘Long as their insurance is good


So you wanna be the president

But don’t wanna take the blame

Or maybe a Hollywood movie star

Since they’re pretty much the same


*  *   *

You wanna spread the love o’ Jesus

But you just can’t find the time

You wanna feed the poor and hungry

But you’re always short the dime


Well he’s heard it all before, my friend

So save it for the judge

& good luck with that

Beautiful Silence

Spent most of the day

Waiting on the phone

But the call never came

As calls often don’t


It’s beautiful in Texas

Had a beautiful rain

And no matter what my head says

My heart feels a beautiful pain


N’ I know I should not have

Up and run away

N’ I know that when I turn back

It will already be too late.


‘Cause when I get home

There’ll be nobody there

Just a beautiful hole

With a couch and a chair

Yeah when I get home

You’ll already be gone

Just a beautiful silence

Such a beautiful audience

For this beautiful song.


Will you leave me a note

Will you just disappear

Or forget a favorite coat

Or stand at the door and stare


Will a beautiful teardrop

Fill your beautiful eye

For a moment will your heart stop

As you say a beautiful goodbye


I’m gonna square my shoulders

I’m gonna plant my feet

I may be gettin’ older

But I can still feel the beat


Gonna raise my voice

Gonna make it heard

I may not have your sword

But I can still wield these words


And I will not… back off

I will not… stand down

I’m gonna stop right here

I’m gonna hold my ground

You can blow your horn

You can tweet your lies

You can knock me down

But I’ll only rise…


We’re gonna raise an army

Armed with poems and peace

We’ll march forth in hope and love

And we’ll overflow these streets


So you can load your guns

Bring all your bluster and wind

And we’ll see who runs

And who’s left standing in the end

All I'm Hoping For

A house full of photographs

Weighin’ down the walls

Families and ski trips

The past it all recalls


Over there I see our wedding

Smiles all around

Here’s our honeymoon in France

Where we painted every town


But lately there’s a silence

In the halls and on the floor

Some secret that is hiding

Behind our bedroom door


So here I am knockin’

     (Cause here I am knockin’…)

‘Cause I don’t know what to do

     (Since I don’t know what to do)

But to stand right here and ask

For you to please hear me through

And whether you open your heart

Or decide to close its door

A love like yours will always be

All I’m hopin’ for

     (What I’m Hopin’ for)


Closets full of t-shirts

And cases for guitars

Books I need to throw away

Along with a few old scarves


And yes, I’ve got some skeletons

Underneath my dirty clothes

But everybody’s got them

Though not everybody knows


And now they’ve come to haunt us

Because I could not keep ‘em down

And the words they spoke between us

Seem to echo all around


If you could block out those voices

Ringing in your head

And turn your ears to me, Babe

And hear my heart instead

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