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Oldies but Baddies

As one of a few side notes I'm working on in this time of necessary seclusion, I've decided a good place to start is to laugh at myself. (Since I am tired of just bursting out hysterically at random moments for no apparent reason.) And the first way I've chosen to go about it is to put up, and out there, some of my really old songs that never saw the light of day. . . mainly because. . . they should not. Click on any one of them, and you'll see why. . .

Here's Dave Walk and me exhibiting an intent to save the world way back whenever it was. . .

Hold The RainNathan Brown & David Walk
00:00 / 02:44

This is an instrumental that comes towards the end of my very first album, "Vision". Some damn good Bad 80s music here. . .

AscensionNathan Brown
00:00 / 03:35

This one's a tough pill to swallow. Dave and I wrote "Chill" as a preemptive strike to the expected violence following the Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles back in 1993. In a flash-series of insane events, the Los Angeles Independent School District ordered 30,000 cassettes to distribute to every classroom in the district. As news of it spread, Dreamlight Images rapidly created a music video using the song And then, they somehow got Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arsenio Hall to introduce the thing. My God, I hope that video does not still exist somewhere out there...

ChillNathan Brown & David Walk
00:00 / 02:55

Thanks to Cynthia Clawson, "Words Will Never Do" was my biggest hit. As the title cut on her album, the song made it to #23 on Billboard's Gospel Top 40 Chart at one point, and the album made it to #3, I believe? Yes... I actually received royalty checks for a year or two, long ago. Her version is beautiful. My version is. . . well. . .

Words Will Never DoNathan Brown
00:00 / 05:11

Here's one I wrote that was sort of "a la Climie Fisher." And if you know who Climie Fisher is, you are Way Down in your Bad 80s...

A-08-Love-Found-Us-AnywayNathan Brown
00:00 / 04:37

Many years ago, I had one of my heroes sing the lead vocal on a song I co-wrote in my Nashville days. It's been so long, I swear to God, I don't know who the other writer(s) were. It was intended for a movie soundtrack for a screenplay called "Blue Arizona." I don't think it saw the light of day. But, I'm sure I'm breaking several laws by putting this up. If they come for me, though, I'll just say, "Go ahead... sue me for all I've got..." Anyway, secretly, I loved the song. But especially Michael Johnson' lead vocal.

Blue-LoveNathan Brown
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