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A Knuckle-popper

Anger is a virus—whether righteous or wrongous.

And the pandemic has nothing on this one.

A presidential candidate has said that the soul of our nation is on the line. He’s right… and politics will not save it, no matter how good his intentions.

I’ll give one illustration and let you fill in the rest—on a security camera, a young woman grabs a frail older women with a cane and slings her around, and to the ground, breaking her leg, over the wearing-a-mask issue.

A decision is upon us, if it hasn’t passed us. We must decide if we’re going to succumb to this emotional disease, or not. The dead are piling up, while still clinging to their homemade signs and placards proclaiming half-thought platitudes… or death threats.

A deeper breath than we are used to taking is in order. A day, or week, without news and television would speed up the process. There will be nothing easy about it. But the lives of our children and grandchildren are riding on it.

And, so you’ll know, I’m breathing deeply now.

The television is off. And, I am pulling for us.

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