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We're Not Helping

I don’t recall the last time I played the Ph.D. card. I don’t recall if I ever have, except for one time, when I’d had enough, and told someone, “Excuse me… but that’s Dr. Asshole to you.”

So, as much as I hate to do it, I’m going to lay down the hand I drew, and you can decide if I was bluffing.

To all of my well-educated, deeply-philosophical, historically-sensitive, and culturally-knowledgeable friends and colleagues who are writing books, essays, or Facebook posts, about the problems of these weird days and times:

When we look at the current climate of our country through our well-meaning lens of common sense and perceived wisdom, we accomplish nothing when we apply it with the intent to demonstrate the ignorance of the opposition.

What we achieve instead, is the further entrenchment of their belief that we are nothing but snobby know-it-alls who are completely out of touch with reality because we eat nothing but vegetables and drive electric cars—which may or may not be true. (Except for the “out of touch” part. Because it’s true.)

What is also true, is that they are not likely to be the ones to consider our side’s point of view, and then do what they can to try and find some middle ground.

Therefore, that part is up to us. Tough assignment that it is. But it is our assignment nonetheless. And I say we should get busy.

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