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On Being Offensive...

I'm writing a book on Genesis (the biblical one) right now, and I can see that some of it will be offensive, if not highly, to some people. Particularly those I grew up with in the Southern Baptist church.

So, I'm thinking a lot about the nature of "offense" these days. And this is one of the first places I've landed:

It's okay to be offensive, when the reasons for the offense are strong, heart-felt, and well thought out.

What doesn't work is when someone is offensive just for the sake of being offensive, because he, or she, is:

1) Bored as a Writer

2) Not Good as a Writer

3) Lazy as a Writer, or

4) All of the Above

Therefore, if your heart is in it, and you truly believe the world is going to need to hear this. . . in spite of not wanting to. . . then, go forth and offend.

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