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A Note of Encouragement

My new album project "The Streets of San Miguel" has officially been turned down by all the major contests and festivals I entered it in. My four most recent books, every one, got the snub as well. I have no idea how many awards and whatnot I entered those in.

I needed to start with that information, because... otherwise... what I say next would sound very terrible. Which would be this:

I am as proud of the work I've done in the last two years as any work I've put out to date. Ever. My newest book, "100 Years," represents a hell of a lot of research, logistics, and editing. And it is So fun to read from in performances.

I don't know what is going on in the literary world or the music business either one these days. But, if I cared very much, I would've quit a long time ago. So, whatever you're working on right now. . . whatever you're in the trenches for. . . do it! Bring it! But make sure you give it absolutely everything you've got. The world now requires that we do no less than that, if we're going to have a chance to break through the noise. And, quite a bit of noise there is...

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