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What Keeps Us Going...

Edward Vidaurre

Against her better judgment, my wife has left me alone for the weekend. That means a lot of playing guitar in boxers with a margarita nearby. I even watched the pilot episode of the old Kung Fu TV series last night. Geez.

May has been a slow month for business. Which is wonderful when it comes to spending time at home with family and furries, but absolutely terrible for the bank account.

It's hard to play guitar to the walls though. But to keep the fingers conditioned, you have to do a lot of it. So I close my eyes and try to find an image that will keep me going until the next time I get to share these stories.

Here's the one that just came to me: At a house concert in Dallas long ago, I remember singing "Daddy's a Fool," and towards the end of it noticing a man in maybe his 50s very quietly, even gracefully, going all... to... pieces. He was, without making a sound, just bawling. Later, he came up to me after the show with a smile and a soft laugh and said to me: "Man, I was not ready for that. Don't you ever do that again without a warning first."

That. That's what keeps me singing to the walls...

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