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A Poem for Memorial Day

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

This is a poem I felt like I needed to share here on Memorial Day.

It is, in a way, a memorial for those who are still living. . .

but who need to be remembered for all they've lost, for us.

It's from my book An Honest Day's Ode (© 2016 Mezcalita Press, LLC)

Young Soldier

You left home so full

of fear, and yet, a vague

sense if invincibility.

But now, years later,

what you saw there—

what you came to know

but not understand—

possesses you in a way

they could not have

prepared you for.

And though they pay

for your education,

you’re not learning

what you need

to become

whole again.

But we are here.

And we appreciate

what you did for us…

what you’ve endured

that you can’t, yet,

talk to us about.

And when you wake

at 3:00 am confused

about the enemy…

we are on your side.

We want to help with

this. The tougher war.

The one they may not

have warned you about.

The one you did not

see coming.

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