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A Pen and a Penny for Your Thoughts

To those who know me, it's old news that I write every day. To those who love me, it sometimes drives them crazy. But, the writing I'm doing these days feels quite different. Because of the "quarantine project," I find myself writing for others. Friends and readers are sharing their topics, worries, and wonderings with me, and I'm writing and dedicating a poem, best I can, to reach into their lives and current situations.

This has been terribly challenging. It takes little imagination to see why. But, what I did not expect was the level of emotionality and connection I would experience zapping back and forth between these wonderful people, which has led me to another thought.

I'm now feeling a strong urge to compel others to write their way through this time for themselves. Those of you who are "writers" don't need the message. However, I'm encountering a large number of folks who are coming out of their skins with questions, fears, worst case scenarios, you name it, and they don't seem to have a means to "get it out of their stir-crazy systems."

To you, I want to say... find some paper. Find a pen. A journal would be better than paper, if you have one. Take the pressure off of yourself. No one has to see it. You are not making a book. You will not have to deal with an editor. No critics either. (Consider that a blessing.) And just sit yourself down somewhere to write about what and how you are feeling these days. This is not just a psychological tool. The process is actually "chemical." It is healing... transformative... and if you need ideas of how to begin? Give me a shout. We'll get you started.

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